Machines at War


Frenetic real time strategy war game


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Machines at War is a real time strategy game that will surprise you. It may not be the best game if you only see the graphics but the rytmh of the game is frenetic and that is really interesting when we talk about a war game.

Construct your machine of war and get involved in the war. You are in control of an important army and your goal is to arm your defense, organize the army and attack your enemies.

More than 40 different units and structures, a random map system that makes every game you play to be unique and a new challenge, Take a look, observe the battlefield, feel how strong your army is and open fire.

As your empire grows you can research technologies to guide the focus of your strategy, build vehicles and aircraft to take control of the land and air: tanks, jeeps, trucks, helicopters, jets,... Finally, after each battle you will be able to see detailed statistics.

Choose your strategy, build your machines of war and fire hose enemies out there, you'll like Machines at war, give it a try.
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